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Karen Anders

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Waldenbooks bestselling author Karen Anders started making up stories with her sister as they spent many a night playing out those stories when they were supposed to be sleeping. The best thing about the stories they created was they were purely dialogue exchanges and there was no need for flashlights under the covers.

She was then introduced to romance by her grandmother and an English class she took in high school. Interesting combination, huh? Her grandmother loved Rudolf Valentino and he starred in the silent movie The Sheik back in 1921 with Agnes Ayers as the headstrong and tough Diana. Her grandmother had a copy of the book and she loved it so much, she gave it to Karen to read. At sixteen, all that hot passion and defiance in the desert made Karen want to read more. At the same time, Karen took an English class where she had to read books! That’s right. All she had to do was read books. Yes, that’s right. Her grade was based on reading books. In that class, she read the wonderful book The Princess Bride. In fact, she loved the book so much she wrote to the author, William Goldman. You see, the publisher cut out the reunion scene between Buttercup and Westley, and Karen wanted to read it. So she wrote to get it, but alas, at the time, his publisher wouldn’t allow him to send it out anymore. Later Karen discovered that the reunion scene was bogus. She forgave Mr. Goldman.

The SheikThe Princess Bride

Once Karen graduated from high school, she went to work for a university. But her love of reading continued. As part of the university perks, Karen was allowed to take two classes for free. She enrolled in an English class and that’s where the writing bug took her. She started to write her own desert romance when she was nineteen. It took her ten years to finish the book and vows that no one will ever see that book in print. In 1990, a mother of a two year old with a baby on the way, she got interested in contemporary romance. She found the Silhouette Intimate Moments line and she never really looked back. Eventually, she started writing for Blaze. She is the author of 13 books which have been translated into six different languages, including Japanese.

Karen lives in North Carolina with her two grown children where she not only finds time to work a full time job and write novels, she paints watercolors and Chinese brush paintings. See her work for sale under Fun Stuff. Juggling all her interests and making time for her family makes for a full life.

Those days with her sister are over, but, at night Karen spends time with stories in the numerous books she reads, but since she’s an adult, there’s still no need for a flashlight under the covers.

Karen is going digital.  Check out her alter ego.

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