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        Step into Entrust

        Product Information


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        Company Overview

        At present, industrial manufacturers are facing more and more severe challenges. Not only must production safety be ensured, but also product quality & production efficiency should be improved continuously and production cost should be decreased. Besides, energy saving, consumption reducing and environmental protection play an important role in advancing the sustainable development of the enterprises and the country.

        In view of the current energy situation in China and the increasing pressure brought by environmental protection, it is quite pressing to strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection measures. Industry-used energy takes a percentage of up to 70% of the total energy consumption in China. Great potential exits in industrial energy conservation. Energy conservation and emission reduction have become the guiding direction of national industrial development. Efforts in energy conservation and emission reduction will benefit not only enterprises, but also our country, society and hundreds of millions of families.

        Responding to the call of the age, Entrust (Beijing) Steam Conservation Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2014. It is supported by the professional background of Yingqiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has been specializing in steam energy conservation for 26 years. Experts from globally famous companies in this industry gather here and international strategic cooperation develops between Entrust and globally famous brand. In line with cooperation, double-win and development, Entrust has been determined to contribute to enterprises, society and country in the filed of steam energy conservation.

        It's our responsibility to help customers optimize steam system, and then realize the purposes of safety production, energy saving, efficiency increasing and environmental protection.

        It's our mission to help our customers save energy and improve efficiency, to contribute to the progress and enhancement of the staff, to secure fruitful benefits for cooperative partners and to endeavor in advancing industrial technology.

        Our Team

        Our team ever served in globally famous companies in steam field for a long term and possesses professional competence and rich experience in steam system optimization. We have been helping a great number of steam customers to save energy and improve efficiency from the perspective of customers. We would like to draw on others' successful experience with strong enterprise and hope to grow and develop in the process of helping customers.

        Common Problems in Steam System

        Steam System Illustration


        Common Problems in Steam System

        When steam is produced

        Steam and water priming exists in the boiler, which makes steam carries a lot of water out.

        Boiler water level control is unreasonable, and potential safety hazards exist.

        The boiler blows down frequently, which causes energy waste.

        A lot of secondary steam is wasted when the boiler blows down.

        The operating pressure of the boiler is relatively low, which causes system problems.


        When steam is conveyed

        Steam pipeline diameter and pipeline arrangement are incorrect.

        Pipeline heat preservation, draining and evacuation are unreasonable.

        Steam conveying pressure is relatively low.


        When steam is used

        Poor quality of steam at the inlet of the steam-using equipment

        Relatively high steam pressure at the steam-using point

        Low efficiency and short service life of the steam-using equipment

        No temperature control or imprecise temperature control of heated materials

        Water gathers inside the equipment.


        Recovery and recycle of condensate and secondary steam

        Are condensate and secondary steam recycled effectively ?

        Our Service

        Glad to Help Customers

        Help customers reduce

        fuel cost

        expense on water and water treatment

        production time and unit product cost

        escape, overflow, drop, and leakage

        shutdown time

        system/equipment maintenance cost

        spare parts and storage expense

        defective percentage

        potential safety hazards


        Help customers improve

        production capacity

        equipment efficiency

        product quality

        energy utilization ratio



        production security

        Project Flow

        How can we help you

        1.  Make an appointment and communicate preliminarily

        2.  Visit at steam system site

        3.  Design optimized reforming scheme

        4.  Detailed technical communication

        5.  Business negotiation

        6.  Conclude a reforming contract

        7.  Pay, purchase, installation and debug

        8.  System check & acceptance and technology training

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