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Upcoming and Planned Books

Continuation of the To Protect and Serve series

These were recently submitted to Harlequin and are planned, but not yet contracted:

The To Protect and Serve series gives you emotionally charged, suspenseful action, and heart wrenching romance from sexy NCIS and CGIS agents, tough JAG lawyers, rogue Navy SEALs, courageous Marines, fearless Coast Guard pilots and rescue swimmers, dedicated doctors, and the bold and daring noncombatants who partner with these heroes and heroines–a mix of military and civilians investigating murder, halting espionage, ferreting out conspiracy, solving crime, protecting innocents, and falling in love across a global landscape.

To Protect and Serve – Book #7

Sexy inspiration:

NCIS agent Derrick Gunn is called to a crime scene where a U.S. Navy petty officer is found dead. Her death is odd, but it appears nothing is missing until Emma St. John, the woman’s sister shows up and alerts Derrick to the fact that her nephew is gone. Alarmed for the child’s safety, he insists that Emma leave the case up to NCIS, but she stubbornly defies him. She follows her own path, and she doesn’t want to listen to him. In the past that led to disaster and he won’t work with someone who doesn’t follow his lead, no matter how many sparks fly off from their friction.  Private Investigator Emma St. John refuses to take no for an answer and joins Derrick in the search for her nephew—an investigation that leads them into Mexico to come up against a dangerous drug cartel boss who may have taken the baby for his own personal reasons. Derrick is exactly the kind of man that she’s had to fight against all her life. The know-it-all bossy alpha male. One who thinks he needs to take control of everything. She’s not going to kowtow to him or his official badge when her nephew’s life hangs in the balance. She’d rather go it alone, but they join forces and race against the clock to save her nephew from a terrible fate.

To Protect and Serve – Book #8


Sexy inspiration:

Special Agent Austin Beck, out of the San Diego, California NCIS Office is sent to speak to a woman who found the body of her roommate and cousin, a Blue Angels pilot. Her cousin was just assigned to the all-male team and was scheduled to fly with them. Austin is shocked to find out that woman is Jena Webb. The last time he saw her, he was a marine guard for the U.S. embassy where there was a hostile takeover. Only she’d been married and he’d been engaged. They had spent three harrowing days together and he’d almost lost his life protecting her. Now she’s the target of a killer and Austin is assigned to protect her once again. He struggles to remain neutral, at least as long as the case is active. Professionally, he’s duty bound to her safety and it had to be his number one priority, but privately he wonders if what they felt was heightened by the very real threat of death, nothing but a consequence of their harrowing experience.

To Protect and Serve – Book #9

Seasoned helicopter search and rescue United States Coast Guard pilot Commander Nova Michaels, has been sent for her second tour to Air Station Kodiak located near Dutch Harbor and her home town of Unalaska, Alaska. Flying helicopters is what she is born to do and no matter how much she detests the profession, pulling fishermen out of the Bering Sea is her mission, but what she doesn’t expect is sexy, charming Logan Buchanan. His boat sinks and it’s her quick thinking and skill that saves the day. But, with the loss of his livelihood, he signs on to work her father’s boat. She can’t seem to shake him or the danger that he unwittingly brings into her life. Problem is she is all about leaving and he is all about putting down roots. They don’t see eye to eye, but there’s enough heat generated to melt the ice in the frozen waters of the perilous Bering Sea.

To Protect and Serve – Book #10

Sexy inspiration:

Two years have passed since Dr. Kelly Hu, left the Coast Guard for an exciting and busy life of a NCIS medical examiner, her heart in tatters. She’s now working out of the NCIS San Diego office. During an intense cross-service search for a serial killer who is murdering women military medical personnel, Kelly runs into Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Jason Hollow. It has been four years since they parted, four years since their illicit affair could have gotten both of them court-marshalled, four years since she gave birth to their daughter, a daughter he knows nothing about. As she’s targeted by the serial killer, Jason refuses to leave her side, elated by the news that he’s a father and devastated by Kelly keeping that secret all this time. He needs the time to work out his pain and anger, and the feelings he still harbors for Kelly while protecting her from a man intent on taking her life, taking everything.